Recommend re-scheduled week 17, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time 22:00 at night on December 17,, Empoli VS cagliari, The two sides in the first leg of the season against cagliari in road is a shock the 4-0 victory over empoli.Match the plate on the guest make a tie/side dish, currently on the plate water level is in low water, has a tendency to further up plate.

Date of Time The The visiting team 12/17/2016 (Saturday)22:00empolicagliari 12/18/2016 (Sunday)01:00AC milanAtlanta, 12/18/2016 (Sunday)03:45JuventusThe Roman 12/18/2016 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Mr SolowInter milanThe 12/18/2016 (Sunday)22:00chievosamp 12/18/2016 (Sunday)22:00NaplesTurin, 12/18/2016 (Sunday)22:00pescarabologna 12/18/2016 (Sunday)22:00udineseWithin the g’s 12/19/2016 (Monday)03:45GenoaPalermo 12/19/2016 (Monday)03:45lazioFlorence

Empoli VS cagliari,

Cagliari in six games to get only a points, the current 20 points in the drop zone, there are 4 points with safety, soon led to a bad record took over the boss gianfranco zola, class team again in early season coached the czechs zeman, zeman coaching the team’s leading idea for attack.

Empoli at present product29 points ranked 13th, leading the relegation zone 9 points, avoid relegation pressure is not big.Empoli defender this season, attacking talent shortage, mainly relying on veteran maccarone and set-piece battle, with the team’s strength and the desire to win, the road not to cagliari to make too much trouble, but empoli at 12 games this season won eight games draw.

Cagliari on the road this season 4-0 sweep the empoli psychological have many advantages, the game disc on the cagliari Lord let half tall water area, there are huge relegation pressure at cagliari, remove change rebound opportunities, guestEmpoli state clearly more ideal, footwall with shunt space, scale and the plate movements are consistent, faith oriented, cagliari this war will have the chance to win.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended cagliari to 0-0.5 – the game ball.

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