W88 super 98 innings bonuses (28)

The first game, win 5% extra high compensate, win more or even failure of up to 288 bonus!

Rules and terms:
1. The activity began on January 1 2017 00:00, until January 31 23:59 2017 (Beijing time).

2. This offer is only applicable to the registrationOptimal DE W88 members.

3. During the breaks, the optimal club real casino super 98 baccarat games, continuous bets on a table with the table, and with a minimum bet is 100 yuan, can obtain the corresponding bonus, the following table:

Win/failure number Bonus amount is Winning seven innings68 Winning eight innings88 Winning nine innings128 The win 10 games288 Defeat 10 burea⢁121998871111219982387

* Super 98 baccarat table only betting zhuang idle note Participate in this activity.

4. A draw, bet, cancel, bureau is not calculated as invalidEffective match, if you have not reached even win or even the day the number of exit from the current game stage desk, all innings will recalculate.

5. Conform to the requirements of the members will details username and single injection (win or even failure of the first inning bets number to the last game) sent to the email & # 160; protected mailbox, entitled: super 98 innings bonuses.Will be distributed within 24 hours after receipt of the mail.(even the bureau bonuses only apply for in the day, will be subject to spend time even the bureau the last game, overdue invalid).

6. Each member only apply once a dayPaying dividends to even the most innings.

7. The bonus to double water withdrawals (except poker).

8. Don’t allow any bet bets, once found will be abolished to confiscate the corresponding amount of dividends and earnings.

9. Optimal DE W88, provide the offer only applies to recreational players.Optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.

10. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

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