W88 casino2016-2017 method recommended re-scheduled week 19 matches

Method currently sit in 19th round the official start of the Beijing time on December 22nd at 3:50 p.m, bastia home match against marseille.Two teams ligue 1 last season two round clash, bastia 1-1, including a 2-1 win at home.Bastia currently ranked 12th in the league, position more security and stability, and marseille no. 6, still have nine points behind champions league area, pursue extremely difficult.

Date of Time The the home team The visiting team 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50bastiamarseille 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50bordeauxnice 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50DijonToulouse, 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50lilleRyan

The 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50Lyonangers 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50maceguingamp 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50Monacocaen 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50nantesMontpellier, 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50St germainlorient 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:50St. deanNancy

Bastia VS marseille,

1, the home team bastia is middle and lower reaches of the strength of ligue 1 team, ranking 10th ligue 1 last season, the season ranked 13th ligue 1.Team last ten games record of 2-5 minus 3, including home record of 1-4.

2, the visiting team marseille as middle strength ligue 1 team, ranked 13th ligue 1 last season, the season ligue 1Ninth league position.Team last ten games record of 5-3-2 negative, including road record of 2 wins and two draws.

3, the two sides after the recent record 10 times, bastia in 1-3-6, including 1 home wins and two draws and 2 defeats.At a recent meeting between both sides in the French league last season, bastia home win over marseille.

4, bastia nearly two rounds of league defeat mace and Ryan, nearly six rounds of league 2-3-1, only during away defeat to favourites Monaco, with an impressive record.Marseille wheel 2-0 at the stadiumThose of lille, keep 3 successive premiership recently, nearly six rounds of league 4 win 1 draw, just on the road during his defeat by Monaco.

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