W88 alipay use and transaction number query

Optimal DE w88, pay treasure to deposit is now online, anytime and anywhere as deposit, and yards pay seconds to account, small make up take you experience, you can log in using this deposit immediately!

Pay treasure account information for details

Use to pay, pay treasure to sweep code you need to mobile phone download and install, pay treasure to client 】 【 after login pay treasure account, display the page as shown in the figure below, click on the jump page access to personal information details.

After landing,Into account page, select the qr code payment], the diagram below to fill in the corresponding content, single deposit limit 30-200 yuan, every deposit without limit.

The mouse to click below blue words, can jump out of the need to fill in the content pay treasure to the corresponding position.

You can also click on the process to check the operation details.

Completed, click on the “deposit” page will automatically jump to pay qr code, use pay treasure “scan” function, enter the payment page.

Note: the qr code below for instructions for use only, not for real money payment

The payment page as shown in the figure below, please fill out a deposit information.

If you do not match the amount of deposit and fill in the amount of your pay treasure to transfer amount greater than 】 【 optimal DE W88, fill in the amount of money management page], the deposit to the account immediately.You pay treasure to transfer amount is less than 】 【 optimal DE W88, fill in the amount of money management page], the deposit can’t normal into account.This kind of situation you instant contact 24 hours online customer service.

If you note to fill in the account,After the success of the positive, pay treasure to jump page below your game account number will be displayed.

Deposit shows that the successful namely has to account, you can query log in money management page, as shown in the figure below.

How to query the alipay transaction number

Step 1:11 21998872011219982387After landing alipay purse, click on the top right corner [bill].

Step 2:Click on the sale of the submission, directory to check the bill amount of bill details.

Step 3:11 21998871111219982387After entering the bill details click [more].

Step 4, 21998871111219982387Page will display the order number of the deal.

If your account without success to account, please provide the account nickname, account, time, amount, the order number, contact ZhaXunChu for you 24 hours online customer serviceDaniel, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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